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Soft and Warm Hooded Footed Pyjamas

It is probably a need for basic comfort that drives people to wear some of the most worn in and cozy clothes when they are sleeping at night. You want to, to repeat a cliche, sleep as peacefully as a baby. Wearing footed pyjamas that also have a hood not only takes you back to the days when you were a kid without any worries but also allows you to be extremely comfortable. While till a few years ago, these pyjamas were considered an option only for children, today there are many manufacturers who have started making these cozy clothes for adults as well.

So, what is the reason for their popularity amongst adults? Very simply, one of the main reasons why these pyjamas are so popular as the simple comfort that they provide to the wearer. They are warm, cozy, and extremely soft, which make it the perfect solution for cold winter nights. If your family likes to wear matching night suits, it is extremely easy to find matching hooded footed pyjamas for the entire family. And most importantly wearing these fun pajamas are an instant time travel method to relive the happy days of your childhood.

Making Hooded Footed Pyjamas

There are many companies who have branched out from kids wear to make adult footed pyjamas and therefore, it is extremely easy to find these in many different styles and sizes. You can also find these pyjamas in a variety of materials, from fleece and flannel for winter wear to cotton for use in the summer, the range is quite wide. If you are worried about the ease and convenience of a one piece footed pyjama, you could opt for the two piece pyjamas that are easily available in the market. Complete with hoods, these footed pyjamas can be a lot of fun. The easiest part is that making these pyjamas at home can be an easy do it yourself project for the weekend. Just follow the simple instructions given in the article, once you have collected the things that you need to make the pyjamas. To make hooded footed pyjamas you need flannel pyjamas, matching flannel fabric, spat patterns, non-skid fabric, pins, needles, and thread.
Firstly it is important that the flannel fabric you choose matches the flannel pyjamas that you have. It is easier to find matching fabric for plain pyjamas as compared to patterned ones.
Now to ensure that you have the proper measurements, draw out the foot pattern on the non-skid fabric using your slippers. The shape of the pattern does not necessarily have to match the sole instep and can be slightly more oval in shape. Ensure that the sole is larger in size as compared to the slipper, so that you have extra fabric for your seams.
Next you will need to modify the pattern for the spat. The spat is a shoe accessory that you can use to cover the instep and the ankle. While the patterns available in the market will give you a basic shape, it may be too short to cover your foot, and it will definitely not be the same width as the legs of your pyjamas. You will need to widen the top of the spats so that they fit the legs of the pyjamas.

Patterns for Kids

I like making a piece of string into something I can wear. ~ Author Unknown
If you are a mum-to-be or thinking to doll up your little one in some cuddly woolens, then in this article you will find a list of patterns that could be used for making some beautiful knitwear. Tiny tots will not only look cute wearing them, but it will also become a creative hobby to fill up your time. Below is the list of a few patterns that will help you create your own knitted masterpiece. Here’s wishing you ‘Happy Knitting’!!
A bib prevents the food or liquid spills from soiling the baby’s clothes. It is therefore required that the pattern used for knitting a bib be close and tight, so that the spills don’t soak through easily. You can add charm by decking up the bib like a cat by attaching knitted ears/eyes and nose, or just knit it in the shape of a heart. Adding colors to the bib would also make meal times fun times!

You can incorporate stripes by tying the yarn of the first color to the second color. After you are happy with the stripe width, tie the second color with the first color or use a third color and start again. The yarn used can be ‘worsted weight yarn’, which is a medium weight yarn, and size 6 or 7 needles. A nicely knitted bib can be a very useful accessory for your kid. Always use cotton yarns while knitting bibs, as they are more absorbent than acrylic, and can be washed easily.
A cozy way to wrap your baby after a bath would be in a knitted towel or a blanket. You can experiment with different patterns, as knitting a blanket or a towel is a long-term project and requires time. Many vertical or horizontal panels are required to be knit and sewn together. You can make a towel with checkerboard design by knitting each check with a different colored yarn and then sewing them together; or else just keep the checks black and white.

You need to predefine the size of each check (E.g., 5 inches) and the number of checks that you will require to make a towel. After the checks are ready, sew them together. You can form a hood by knitting a triangular piece, and sewing it to one corner of the towel. Another pattern that you can try is making stripes. Start with 20 stitches and knit until you get the desired width of the stripe. Cast off and start with another color. Keep on alternating between colors. Once you are done with knitting about 10 stripes, sew them together properly else the blanket will look crooked. Just make sure the yarn that you’ll be using for knitting a towel or a blanket is soft and absorbent.

Bridesmaid Dresses Lavender

Lavender is a color that many adore. It’s one of the safest colors that you can wear while accompanying the bride at a wedding ceremony. Lavender complements wedding color themes, while also making you look great. The color is soothing, so it gives the bridesmaids enough prominence in the ceremony while not taking the spotlight away from the bride.
There are exquisite collections in boutique houses and garment outlets. You can also design the dress by yourself. A ring strap silk gown is designed with triple spaghetti straps which crisscross at the back. You can also tie a ruched band around your waist with a big flower-shaped knot.
An A-Line gown with a dropped waist and a bow and belt in contrasting colors will give you a chic look. The skirt can be to your knee with inverted pleats in the front. This outfit is simple, yet very elegant. This pattern also complements pink and other neutral colors.
A satin silk off-the-shoulder gown with embellishments is extremely gorgeous. You can also have a neckline with studded stones. Floral prints in lavender are good for a summer wedding.
If you are on a low budget, then there are ample discounted dresses available in the market. Cheap and exclusive collections are showcased in boutique houses and showrooms. Teens and youngsters can always go for simple designer wears.
Whatever you wear, you must be very conscious with the size. The gown must be tailored well with an accurate fitting for your body. The dress must make your figure prominent and add elegance and beauty to your look.
Your attire is incomplete without a range of accessories that will complement your dress. Get a good collection of jewelry from showrooms. White stones, transparent stones, and silver are the perfect for a lavender gown. Pearl necklaces, rings. and wristlets will look charming. You can even select jewelry in shades of purple, pink, and lavender.
While selecting your shoes, make a choice depending on your outfit and accessories. If you are wearing a skirt, you can go for flat lavender-colored shoes, ballerina flats, or lace-ups. Silver, lavender, and white will complement a lavender gown. A heavy satin gown must be worn with high-heeled shoes, with or without straps.
Last but not the least, do not use heavy makeup. With the light shade of your dress, selecting soothing colors for makeup is a good idea. Get your hair done for the wedding, and deck up perfectly like a bridesmaid. Carry a bouquet and step along with the bride; walk with elegance and wear a beautiful smile on your face.

Wedding Cake Decorations

One of the most beautiful parts of any wedding is when the bride and the groom cut and share the wedding cake, symbolizing the promise of a happy wedded life together. In fact, wedding cakes with all its lip-smacking cream is the cynosure of all eyes at any wedding reception. It is, therefore, imperative that the cake be decorated tastefully. The decorations should not only make the cake look beautiful, but also complement the wedding theme and colors. They should also serve as an expression of the couple’s personalities and style.

Most cake makers and decorators are happy to incorporate your personal ideas into the cake styles for ensuring that it fits with the wedding theme and your style. So when you go to a cake baker, you’ll be faced with deciding what type of cake decor you want. Given below are some of the popular wedding cake decoration ideas that you can incorporate for your cake.

Wedding Cake Icing

Wedding cake decorations are works of art, which are filled with intricate designs and constructed from numerous cake layers. From the meticulous sugar flowers to the fondant lace and swags, these decorations are integral for the beautification of your cake.

Fondant Decorations
Whenever you think of decorating a wedding cake, you inevitably choose fondant decoration. If you have gone though bridal magazines and come across some wedding cakes with exotic flowers and wild shapes in a range of different colors, they are most likely created with fondant. Made from gelatin and corn syrup, fondant can give wedding cakes a look that is both stiff and silky smooth. The best part is it does not melt even in the hot outdoor summer weddings.

Buttercream Decorations
The classic wedding cake decorations are made of buttercream which lend a soft and creamy look to your wedding cakes. Although it is considerably less expensive and easy to work with, it is not suitable for an outdoor wedding as it can easily melt in warm temperatures.

Chocolate Ganache Decorations
Made from a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate, chocolate ganache is the richest wedding cake décor option for chocoholic brides and grooms! It lends a modern and sleek look to the wedding cakes and are best suited for fall and winter weddings, due to its tendency to melt.

Marzipan Decorations
Marzipan is another popular way of cake decorations, as it can be formed into realistic shapes and be used to decorate the wedding cake with fruit or flower shapes like pears, berries, apples, oranges, small blossoms, and roses. Made from sugar and ground almonds, it has a distinct smooth and sweet almond flavor.