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The age-old dilemma for most men when it comes to picking their clothes is, smart or casual, suits or jeans, dress shirts or tea shirts?  Most choose their clothing dependant on the occasion and the price, along with work place and suitability for the activity taking place.  A mans wardrobe says a lot about his personality, occupation and budget as well as his taste and style.  An Office or business workers dress code obviously calls for a smarter more tailored look.  Many employers choose to offer a uniform for their workers to wear and this eliminates the personal daily decision that has to be made by a workforce where a uniform is not provided.

On Special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other important celebrations and parties then a smart suit worn alongside a classic white shirt selection style like Farah Shirts and from a company such as is an excellent option.

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The extras that can be worn with a smart suit to enhance a man’s appearance include; waistcoats, scarves, cufflinks, ties, tie pins, dickie bows, braces, belts and sleeve garters.  A smart suit is worn when a man decides to dress to impress.

The casual look can be worn on many more occasions and is understandably chosen for its comfort and durability rather than its appearance.  A pair of jeans worn alongside a polo shirt or corduroy trousers accompanied by a tea shirt and jumper is something most men would choose to wear when out and about and is classed as quite informal.  More and more companies are choosing to allow their employees to opt for the casual look and their dress code is much more informal.  The priority in this instance is comfort and practicality though clothes must still be appropriate and of a certain standard.

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Sportswear or active wear is another option that men choose to go for even when they are not actively participating in a sporting event.  This clothing range includes trainers and comfortable footwear, track suits, polo shirts, shorts and t-shirts and is usually associated with physical exercise.  The type of fabrics used in sports wear is ultimately designed to keep the wearer cool, comfortable and protected.  There are more specialised clothing ranges for specific sports such as riding, football, hockey, skiing and swimming, all activities are covered and outfits can be found either in retail outlets or online.