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How a Pixie Cut with Bangs Can Give You a Totally New Outlook on Life!

Every woman at one time in her life has wanted to cut her hair super short. But so many women are afraid to take the plunge. What if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t look good? These fears have held many a woman back from embracing a sexy new look that can totally change her life! Take a super cute pixie cut with bangs for instance!

There are literally dozens of looks for pixie cuts!. Check out this content for some of the trendiest pixie cuts of 2019!

Pixie Cuts with Bangs: Making a Comeback?

After World War I, many women were embracing their femininity by chopping off their longer tresses in exchange for a sassy new look. First came the French bob, or Flapper hairstyle, which soon gave way to the pixie cut. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that pixie cuts became trendy in the US. Thanks to the big screen, many women were soon dashing off to the salon to say goodbye to long hair in exchange for a sexy pixie cut with bangs, or without!

Pixie cuts have been around for some time, but were big in the 80s and have made a recent comeback in the last few years! Pixie cuts are considered edgy and hip and many fashion-forward women of all ages early embraced this bold short style!

One of the best things about a pixie cut with bangs is that it looks great with any hair texture, from straight to wavy to curly to thin to thick hair! And they are so much fun to style, whether you are looking for a no fuss no muss hairstyle or one that is versatile, you can certainly find a pixie cut to fit your style and personality!

Pros of Pixie Cut with Bangs

  1. Your hair will dry super quick!
  2. You won’t have to use a ton of hair product (unless you want to, of course!)
  3. Pixie cuts are an awesome way to show off jewelry such as earrings (and with the endless options for piercings today, a pixie cut will only make an ear-piercing look that much edgier!)
  4. Pixie cuts are the perfect solution if you have thick hair and want to give it some added bounce by removing some dead weight.
  5. Pixie cuts add a ton of texture and volume to thinner tresses!
  6. Pixie cuts look adorable with hair accessories such as hats, headscarves and cute hair clips!
  7. A pixie cut with bangs is super sexy and will boost your self-esteem!
  8. Pixie hairstyles are great paired with dramatic makeup looks.
  9. What better way to experiment with funky hair colors than a pixie cut with bangs!
  10. Pixie cuts are perfect for those hot summer days!

Now, one of the few cons about a pixie cut with bangs is that you will have to get it cut every 4 to 8 weeks. However, we can promise you that you will be so in love with your sassy new look that you won’t mind the occasional trim to maintain your sexy look!