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Great Details for the Use of the Blazers

A tailored blazer should be in each girl’s wardrobe. It’s a perfect piece to raise the level of a casual outfit, which can be worn over a dress at a casual summer party, or at the office, but also with a full suit. Whatever the occasion, it is definitely a blazer for women who suits it. The key is to choose the right fabric, the right colour, and ensure a perfect fit. A 100% linen blazer will be more appropriate for summer days, and a dark wool blazer may be more appropriate for the office environment. The fabric and the colour determine when and how to wear the blazer, and at Sumissura we have a plethora of options.

The sumissura blazers is also the perfect piece to complete your outfit. Wear it over a shirt, a dress, a sweatshirt. What you want will work. You can wear it alone, or with a coat on top as well. It just depends on the weather and climate where you live, as well as the opportunity.

Here are four of our favourite inspirations as to how to style and style your blazer:

  • Combine your blazer with jeans to add a trendy touch to your casual look.
  • Wear your blazer with light or dark trousers for a casual office look.
  • To dress simply or to distinguish oneself.

The checked blazer has the perfect fabric to show you how you can simply dress or stand out while wearing the same blazer.

By swapping his jeans for black pants and heels, his look goes from casual to dress in an instant. To add a touch of elegance and more, Blanca has added accessories such as a handbag and a black jacket worn on the shoulders.

With their first success with Hockerty, a tailor-made men’s suit site in the early 2000s, three young entrepreneurs reoffend by launching Sumissura in 2013. Thanks to a particularly well thought-out online configurator, the brand’s customers can create their own made-to-measure clothes. Tailor skirt or pants, blouse, blazer, coat, dress: all the basics of the female wardrobe are proposed by the site.

The Bias of The Brand?

It is to address all women regardless of their morphology. Thus, the clients do not indicate their size of clothes but their exact measurements. The garment is then made by hand, and then delivered in 15 days from the order and Sumissura is committed to a perfect fit of the garment to the silhouette. In the opposite case, the brand reimburses part of the retouching costs or remakes the garment to the correct measurements if it was not retouchable.

Become your own stylist

Sumissura’s intelligent configurator makes it possible to create clothes that perfectly fit the silhouette, but its assets are much more numerous. It also allows to personalize every detail of the garment and to visualize live all the changes of option. For a coat for example, the client chooses her style (peacoat, duffle coat, round collar or officer), the length of the overcoat, the straight or arched cut, if she wants piped or diagonal pockets, a belt or not, wide or standard sleeves, with buttons or rather straps. Another selection criterion: the selection of the fabric of the future garment, with a wide choice of noble materials (merino wool, cotton, linen, flannel), therefore without toxic products for the skin and the environment. Last asset of the brand: to be able to order samples of fabric to touch the materials before finalizing the creation of his garment. With so much ease, customers are quick to play the game of becoming their own stylist and create a wardrobe of beautiful basic, both timeless and unique.

An approach that goes against fast fashion

The brand, whose clothes are made by tailors in Shanghai, renowned for their expertise and their long tradition of Taylorism, wants to be part of an ethical and sustainable fashion perspective.