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ow to Dress Like a Barbie

Ever since Barbie dolls first appeared in the market, they have been objects of desire for several young girls and grownup women as well. Ruth Handler, who was inspired to design these fashion icons by her daughter’s love for playing with paper dolls, did leave the world with the greatest controversy of them all. As she realized that young girls liked to imitate adult women around them, Ruth designed Barbie with an adult body. Her husband Eliot Handler, wasn’t sure about this paradoxical business plan would sell. However, after Barbie made her debut on the 9th of March 1959, there was no looking back for the toy company. Since then, the toy doll has been through innumerable changes in look, style and fashion. Her clothes have been coveted by older women and younger girls alike.
Quintessential Barbie dolls have always had blonde hair. However, as the company began expanding its markets and catering to the needs of the globe, these dolls have had a change in look. Take advantage of this, and let your hair be as they are. Now, wash your hair and condition them well. Very rarely will you see a Barbie without a hairdo. However, with so many variations, picking one would be very confusing. Pick the Ballerina look, as it pretty much resembles the older versions too. Straighten out your fringes and tuck them to the left or the right. Tie the remaining hair in a pony and curl the ends inwards, to complete the hairdo.
Make Up
Keep the make up in tones of pink, but make sure it suits your complexion. To even out the skin tone, apply a fine layer of foundation on your face, neck and back. Wear a nude pink lip gloss with glitter, and apply a little pink blush on your cheek. Color your nails and toe nails in a shade of pink, that matches your dress.

For the Barbie ballerina look, pick a pink tutu that has a lot of net or tulle. These fabrics will give it the required volume. On top of the tutu, get a matching corset, to accentuate your waistline and make the volume of the tutu look larger than what it is. The clothes typically resemble a Barbie clothes look, and the pink will give you Barbie like femininity.
Since this is the ballerina look in question, you will obviously have to wear ballet shoes or slippers. For the soft and feminine look, make the slippers out of satin. You can wrap your regular pumps in a pink satin cloth that rounds at the toes and crosses your foot to tie a knot at the ankle. Make sure that your footwear matches the shade of your dress.

Dress as the Stepmother of the Bride

Stepmothers are often portrayed as evil women, home-breakers who treat their stepchildren badly. However, this is far from truth. Increased divorce rates have complicated the definition of a family. Almost everyone of us knows of someone who was raised by his/her stepmother. While stepmother may enjoy a prominent position in the life of her stepchildren after their biological mother left, occasions such as wedding often place biological mother in the limelight while the stepmother has to gracefully bow out. Sitting arrangement, mother of the bride attire are some departments which may lead to upsetting situations if not handled with caution. So, in case you are a stepmother of the bride, then you might benefit from reading this article.

How to Choose Your Wedding Attire
The etiquette for wedding dresses says that mother of the bride picks her dress first and all the other women in the wedding party follow the suit. Mother of the groom, bridesmaids, maid of honor coordinate their outfits with the mother of the bride. However, they are the subdued versions of mother of the bride outfit in color, style, patterns etc. Mother of the bride also has a say when it comes to choosing bridal outfit. The general notion is that, while the bride should be in a spotlight, her mother should also stand out from other women in the wedding party. As a stepmother, you may not like this etiquette, more so if your husband is hosting the entire event. However, one must understand that wedding is not the place to outshine the mother of the bride. While you don’t need to back out of the wedding altogether, it is alright to play second fiddle to the biological mother just this once. Nonetheless, there are various scenarios which dictate the way in which stepmother of the bride should dress up. Here are a few of them.
Biological Mother Deceased
If your husband married you after the death of his ex-wife (mother of the bride) and you raised the bride, then there is no need for you to take a backseat at this wedding. While it is not acceptable to share the spotlight with the bride, you can certainly play an equal to the mother of the groom. In that case, you can coordinate your outfit according to the mother of the groom dress. You can also talk to your stepdaughter regarding what she expects you to wear. You can also share the front row with your husband and groom’s parents during the reception. This is one scenario which may not be as complicated as the others.

Leather Leggings for a Sleek and Stylish Look

Call them leather leggings, or the wet look leggings, this popular fashion trend emerged somewhere in the late 2000s. Women and men all around the world either love or loathe them. Regardless of other people’s taste, this trend is here to stay. Leather leggings are one of the most sought-after pieces, and as the seasons move on, they’re appearing everywhere you go. From celebrities to models to mere mortals, these shiny leggings are not only flattering, but comfortable as well.

So, if you’re thinking of giving them a try, why not take a few styling tips from us. We’ve compiled a few ideas on how and what to pair with leather leggings, without having to break the bank.
Wear Leather Leggings in Style
Before you can wear them, it’s necessary to know where to buy them. If you don’t know what size will fit you, avoid online stores as your initial purchase choice. Visit a departmental store instead, and have the salesperson help you pick the one that fits you perfectly. Now, if you already have one hanging in your closet, let’s find you some fabulous styles to go with it, shall we?
With Sexy Jackets
Pairing your leather leggings with adorable jackets is a style that is meant to last. The combination is an edge above the others, and we love how hot the style can be. The leggings are bold in the first place, add a floral or solid-colored jacket, and you’re golden. While choosing a top to complete the ensemble, make sure it is not too jazzy. Here, we want to keep the leggings and the jacket in focus. If the jacket is bold in its own right, then skip adding jewelry, and go straight for a pair of sexy boots or heels. Depending on the weather, you can choose to add layers to create a wonderful look. During summers, try wearing faux leather leggings so that it is comfortable. Otherwise, stick to wearing these leggings during winters.
Play with colors, not just for the top and jackets, but for the leggings as well. A splash of bold colors here and there can really outshine against grays and blacks.

Leather Leggings with Floral and Orange Jackets
Now for something a bit girly and versatile―wearing bright-colored jackets with your leggings. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to stand out in the crowd with these combinations. Wear them with attitude, and you’ll have all the attention in the world.
White and Black-striped Jackets with Leather Leggings
The ever-classic black and white jackets too find a comfortable path with leather leggings. What you need to figure out is how well you can work them. Take inspiration from the combinations above that you can wear at various occasions.

Resort Casual Wear for Women

Clean, cool, sophisticated, elegant effortless. These are some of the words that a resort casual attire should embody. Resort wear, in its essence, is the clothing that you would wear to a vacation or to a resort. It is a notch above your regular casual wear and it is miles away from the tailored business wear. Imagine you are traveling first class to an exotic island or are going to lounge around in your own private yacht. What would you wear in such a scenario? Yes, you got it right… it is resort wear. It’s not individual clothing that makes resort casual wear into the fashionable wear that it is. It is more about how you layer clothing, mix and match different clothing items and accessorize it to attain an air of effortless chic. From palazzo pants to maxi dresses, from blingy statement necklaces to tribal inspired earrings, here we will give you the low down of looking stylish in resort wear.

Resort Casual Attire for Women

Palazzo Pants
One of the best pieces of resort casual wear that no women can do without is a pair of sexy palazzo pants. Palazzo pants that are fitted at the waist and flare down at the bottom are just perfect for women of any height and body structure. They give you a modern and chic look and the best thing is that it can be paired with many different tops. You can find a good pair of palazzo pants from high-end designers like Gucci and 3.1 Phillip Lim to high street brands like Mango, Promod and Topshop.

Another great piece of smart casual wear for ladies that you just got to have in your wardrobe is the playsuit. A sexy floral playsuit with straps or even the strapless version would make you look glamorous in an effortless way. Chiffon, crushed silk and linen playsuits in saturated hues and bright florals are one of the best trends this season. A slouchy shrug or a sheer organza jacket will give your bare arms some coverage if the weather gets a bit chilly.

Maxi Dress
A maxi dress in an exquisite floral print with a bit of volume at the bottom and a hint of shimmer is one of the best resort casual wear. For resort wear, you cannot choose a maxi dress which is run-of-the-mill and boring. You need to up the ante a bit by going with bold floral prints or animal prints in a sexy figure hugging silhouette. Gone are the days when you would slip into something mundane like a strappy maxi dress in cotton or linen and call it resort wear. What you need is a maxi dress in a flowy material like chiffon, Georgette or silk satin with a trendy botanical print or bold floral print in citrusy colors. Halter necks or plunging V neck maxi dresses with sequins at the yoke are also a good choice.

Stylish Wide Calf Boots for Women

Knee-high boots are one of the fanciest fashion accessories. The way they complement your skirt or jeans is just unmatchable to any another type of footwear. They are the best option to instantly don a stunning look, hence one of the must-have shoes for every woman. While these are available in a wide range of variety, some of you might find it difficult to get the right pair.
Women with large calves commonly have a tough time in finding the perfect boots. The large calf-size is often a hindrance when you wish buy a pair of well-fitted boots. But even if you have large calves, there is no need to stay away from the stylish knee-high boots.
What Exactly are They?
Wide calf boots are boots for large calves. Basically, the standard knee-high boots have a narrow shaft, that fits well for average size of legs. But if used by those with wider calves, it might start hurting and the tight ankle space will lead to interruption in blood circulation. Further, these might lead to inflammation, pain and a lot of discomfort.
So, these boots are the right solution to this problem which will help you have the required comfort and hence, proper blood circulation. You can either opt for taller boots with wider shafts or those with entirely wider widths.
What are the Options Available?
While black remains the popular choice, many love to opt for some unique colors. Available in various materials and combo of fabrics such as hard leather, soft leather, suede leather, satin, synthetic, velvet, etc. you can easily find the one to suit your needs.

Some come in plain look, some have diamonds and metal buckles to grace up the look along with the designer fabrics. Some have a contrast fabric folded on the outer side from the top end to have a trendy look. The wide calf women’s boots are available in broad or box heels, narrow or pencil heels, platform heels, high heels, and medium heels.
There are also options in terms of the toe point in these women’s shoes. Some are rounded, squared, while some are pointed. Some boots come in lots of wrinkles from ankle, up to the top. Knee-high or thigh-high boots for women are two options in terms of length in wide calf shoes. Zips and laces are used to grace up their look.
How to Find the Right Pair?
To have the right pair of wide calf women’s boots, you need to be extra careful while you choose them. A measure tape is something that will help you in this procedure.
So, get a measure tape and sit on a chair, resting your foot flat on the floor in front of you. Now, wrap the tape (or a string) around the widest part of your calf. Do not leave any gap between the calf and tape. Now, measure the next calf. Note down or remember the widest measurement amongst the two calves. If you regularly wear socks, then do wear them at the time of measurement.

Fashion Street Mumbai

Do you want to shop in the fashion capital of India? For those who don’t know, Mumbai is the ultimate destination for those who like buying fashion from street shops. Boasting of hordes of designer street shops, Fashion Street Mumbai gives shopaholic much more junk and trinkets than any big mall or chic stores can provide.

posted on 9 months ago , updated on 9 months ago
Do you want to shop in the fashion capital of India? For those who don’t know, Mumbai is the ultimate destination for those who like buying fashion from street shops. Boasting of hordes of designer street shops, Fashion Street Mumbai gives shopaholic much more junk and trinkets than any big mall or chic stores can provide.

Fashion street Mumbai: Enjoy street side shopping in Mumbai

One of the choicest shopping destinations in the city, Fashion Street Mumbai boasts of more than 150 shops. Facing VSNL office building on M.G. Road, this street is popular for latest and trendy clothing lines in the city. Not only local but you can also find designer brands at nominal prices. A wide array of things including denims, accessories, shirts, hats, footwear, handbags and more can be found at this widespread shopping hub of Mumbai.

You can even find export quality apparel in varied sizes as these garments are unceremoniously emptied in the petite shops of fashion street Mumbai. Perhaps, what makes this bazaar stand out is the muddle of hues, incredible fashion and the aroma of mouth-watering street food. So, if you’re someone who enjoys street side shopping, then Fashion Street is the place to be. Not only it dishes out a great assortment of clothing and accessories but also makes sure you don’t spend a big fortune to upgrade your fashion closet.

So, all you smart buyers out there who know how to bargain should straight away head to Fashion Street.
Fashion street Mumbai: The name suggests it all!

As the name suggests, fashion street bazaar has a whole stretch of street devoted to fashion clothing and accessories. So, no need to break the bank at large malls. Whatever you need to make a style statement is easily available at this shopping destination. With 150-175 stalls selling apparel, shoes, handbags and more at throwaway prices, this place attracts everyone from teenagers, college students to modern woman who loves to be a fashion diva.
As soon as you step into the Fashion Street Mumbai, you’ll realize you’re surrounded by lots of college going students & teenagers. A dynamic flea market, this place is truly a shopper’s paradise. This market is even frequented by tourists who love purchasing fashion from these small shops where modern, export surplus clothes and chic accessories are sold at throwaway prices.

Tips for Short Women

A woman’s wardrobe can’t be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a 6 feet tall girl or you fall in the category of petite women, this is a must have clothing for all. However, buying jeans has always been a tricky task for short women, due to the tough task of finding the right piece for their height and body. There are actually a few things mentioned below, which you need to consider while shopping for jeans for short women.

Which Style to Pick?
Jeans with straight legs are one of the best picks for petite women. These give a vertical look to the legs that help women look leaner and taller. Make sure, you go for the right length.
If you are thin or medium-sized, skinny jeans are the right choice for you. These will instantly give you a taller appearance.
A slight boot cut is another great idea. This is the perfect style for those who are short and have a triangle or an hourglass shaped figure. Remember, a slight boot cut!
Wide leg styles can be opted for by those who have a fuller figure. The wide leg trouser style will give a proportionate look to your figure. You must avoid the slim cut.
The women with smaller hips can go for the low-rise jeans with a straight leg or a slight boot cut.
Styles that You Should Not Opt For
Short women with fuller figures must avoid low-rise jeans. Worn with a belt these make your hips look larger and legs shorter.
Large flares or full bell-bottoms are a strict no-no.
Don’t go for those baggy carpenter jeans, stick to the fitting pair.
Don’t go for a longer length to make yourself look taller. This will not help. Remember that your jeans must just skim the top of your shoes, so as to increase your visible height.
Never cuff the jeans at the bottom. This is a common style available in the capris, but stay away from this fashion. A cuff will cut off your height.
Consider a Hem Job

One important thing you need to remember is to shop by the hip size and not by the waist size. A right fitting jeans is one that fits perfectly at the hips. If it’s loose at waist, just get it altered. Also, you must go for long jeans that fit perfectly at your waist and hips and then you can get the height altered for the right fit. You can find a skinny jeans in the regular section, instead of the petite clothing section which has lesser options. Get its height shortened, according to your requirement. Also, if a pair of jeans is fitting perfectly up to your knees, get the lower leg part altered.

The Questions You Had About Pillbox Hats

A pillbox hat is a small women’s hat which derives its name from a box designed to store pills. It looks like a pillbox, only it is a bit larger. It is stiff and has straight edges. It is usually made from materials that are capable of retaining form. Felt is the most preferred material for making this hat.
The pillbox hat was immensely popular in the 17th century among European women. Then, these hats went out of fashion for almost three centuries. They made a huge comeback in the 1960s. The famous singer, Bob Dylan, immortalized this hat in his song Leopard Skin the pillbox hat, in the 1966 album Blonde on Blonde. During this era, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was responsible for popularizing these hats. She famously wore a bone white pillbox hat to her husband’s inauguration. She was spotted in her trademark hat on several important occasions. She also wore it on the day of her husband’s assassination. From thereon, the popularity of the hat began to decline as people associated it with the unfortunate event.

How to Wear It
Although, the pillbox hat is greatly out of fashion now, you can still spot it during traditional or military events in some countries. Some commonwealth countries have retained the tradition of wearing the hat during military events. In fact, it is very much a part of uniform of Royal Military College of Canada. Since it is pretty small, it must be pinned down on the head. When the popularity of the hat was at its peak, the bouffant hairdo was also immensely popular. Women used to wear these hats atop this large, bold hairstyle. The hat would be strategically placed on top of the head so that it did not crush the hairdo.
You can pin this hat down with large decorative pins or you may choose to secure it with small, hidden pins. Choose a hairdo that can accentuate the beauty of this hat. Also, take care that the hat should not disturb your hair. These days, the hats include a contrasting cuff, which give them a more casual appearance. Hats made from soft fabric can be worn on informal occasions. Some women wear veiled pillbox hats for a more somber look which is apt for churches or other such places.
Where to Find It
Pillbox hats can be found at stores that specialize in traditional wear. However, you might be charged heavily at these stores. If you are thinking about making one yourself, then you should browse the Internet to get several patterns of the hat. Go through online videos and sites that can guide you. The best option to buy these hats would be through online stores. You get myriad varieties in terms of color, fabric, and pattern on these sites. What’s more, you also get the best bargain prices. Sift through the catalogs of shopping websites to find the hat of your choice.

Wear a Scarf

Scarf is one of the most popularly used head-wear. Utilized for protection from sun-rays and pollution, they can be of much more use in terms of fashion. While wearing a scarf on your head is mostly for protection, wearing it around your neck or on the dresses is a way to give a fancy touch to your attire. Small and easy to use, a scarf works better than any other accessory to enhance your clothing. It gives you a unique and stylish look, that others would love to try out.

Lovely Headband

Glamorous Woman Posing in Headband Scarf

Take a scarf, preferably soft, silky. Pick one matching your outfit, and roll it lengthwise to form a long tube of fabric. Your headband is ready to be tied up. Place it at the desired distance from hairline and tie it at the nape. You can tie it at center of the nape, below your hair or towards the backside of one of your ears, if you want the knot to be visible. The long flowing tails will complement your outfit and give you a fashionable look. You can experiment by tying small or big knots. You can also wrap the scarf over a ready-made headband first, and then wear it. This will ensure that it doesn’t slip, and you can easily remove it and wear it back. This is a classic hair accessory that graces your outfit as well.

Pony Wrap

Beautiful Blonde Woman Posing in Ponytail Wrap Scarf

Take a matching scarf and roll it to form a tube. Tie a low ponytail and just tie the scarf around the ponytail base, so that the knots are on the upper-side of the pony, and its ends flowing on either side. Another way is to further interlace the scarf tails in a braid. So, hold each tail with outer sections of the braid and go on braiding as usual. Tie a knot 3 inches above the ends. This will look great on long hair.

Ascot Wrap

Woman Wearing Ascot Style Scarf

Decide the outfit and take a contrast-colored scarf. You can also opt for the scarf of one of the prominent colors in the outfit. Fold the scarf diagonally. Now, drape it around your neck, the ends will hang on the backside. Let the corners cross each other at the back of your neck, and again, bring them on the front side. Pull them to tighten the wrap, keeping it comfortable at the same time. Now, tie a simple knot or a bow in front at the center. Put the free ends inside your outfit. You can also skip the knot and instead, tie it at the backside where the ends cross. The front part of your scarf will remain plain with a few wrinkles.

Retro Wedding Dresses

Fashion is cyclical. It is a known fact. Clothes that your mother wore when she was in college have made a full u-turn to come back and become the trendiest outfits in town. Retro themed clothes are a fashion yes. Especially, so if you choose to wear retro gowns for your wedding. You may have your grandmother’s wedding gown passed down to you or you may choose to get a wedding gown designed for yourself. Use the different styles for retro wedding dresses given in this article to get your wedding gown designed the way you want it to look.
Retro Bridal Dresses
If the style quotient of the TV series ‘Mad Men’ has completely enamored you, then opting for a retro themed wedding dress may be on your wish list. We give you vintage inspired wedding dress options that you can match with your retro themed wedding dress desires.
Ball Gown
Your influence for a wedding dress made to resemble a ballroom gown can vary, from Grace Kelly’s gorgeous wedding gown worn in 1956 for her wedding to the Prince of Monaco to Princess Diana’s gown that she wore for her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. All of us dream of a fairy tale princess wedding and what could be a better option for such a wedding than a ball gown. For a traditional wedding, opt for a gown with a full long skirt and well-defined waist. Opt for a long train and veil. You could opt to play around with your neckline. Some popular necklines include the boat neck, a v-neck, and the off-shoulder. Lace and sequins could be beautiful additions to embellish and accessorize your ball gown.

Empire Waist Gown
Opting for a retro wedding dress means you are opting to bring back the fashion of the sixties and the seventies. And if there was one dress pattern that was synonymous with the era, it was the empire waist. Choose a wedding gown with an empire waist and full, long skirt. If you do not fancy a big skirt, then you could choose to narrow down the silhouette of the skirt but ensure that there is some flow to it. This style can be perfect for pear shaped women who are also tall. You have the freedom to play around with the top of the dress. Opt for a one shouldered Grecian look or a bustier corset top.
Sheath Column Dress
If you want to go back further in time to the fashion of the forties and the fifties, then the wedding dress that you opt for needs to be designed in the sheath dress style. If you want to wear a sheath dress though, you need to have quite the enviable figure. A sheath wedding dress is extremely slim fitting and wraps itself around your every curve. For a sheath dress opt for a modest neckline that balances the sexy allure of the dress. You can choose to accentuate your waist by wearing a belt around the waist. Opt for a short train. You can also wear gloves with a sheath wedding dress.