Good first grade backpack

Want to get a backpack? Yes, follow our pro level review from expert writer to get your first-grade backpack. I have researched many backpacks manufacturer website and details to write this article.

We all remember well the time to play when still quite small age came with flowers in our first line. The main treasure at the same time was, without a doubt, our wallet.In the last blessed and distant there was not much where Choose – stores did not have a particularly diverse range of products.Therefore, almost all had identical best backpacks. Other features of our childhood were not so high burden in the form of books lying in our wallet.

Today, the situation changes drastically. Kids-grade has to carry a set of textbooks and sports uniforms every day. The weight of these training accessories in most cases at the edge of the physical abilities of a pupil little. That is why to maintain the correct posture and reduce the load on the back of the child is very important to choose a quality backpack.

Choosing a backpack for a first grader

What requirements

Will apply to school small backpack? These include:

1. Availability of orthopedic support. This allows you to maintain a baby’s posture in a normal state, protecting the growing column from excessive pressure.

2. Backpack dimensions should not be too large. The child should move easily, even if the bag loaded. Hanging from the waist down, tapping your legs with each step, the backpack will not add comfort to the child.

3. The time to choose a backpack necessarily the presence of the future proud, to be able to reach an agreement with him the appearance of the acquisition, as well as deal immediately.

4. Backpack must have strength and flat bottom, do not hang and put pressure on the lumbar area of the first-degree rookie on foot.anchura

Of the straps should be enough so that it will not cut on the shoulders of the unfortunate child and will not hurt him, and without having exhausted the psyche of school. The optimum width of about four centimeters. In addition, the material of which made the straps should Be a net to freely pass the air without causing the appearance of perspiration and process.mochila

5. material. It is important that the material is durable and hydrophobic (water repellent). It is necessary to extend the life of the bags under extreme operating conditions. Backpacks kids hit each other on the head, throw in cupboards, trees, and other hard objects. Therefore, if you do not want to buy backpacks regularly every two weeks, buy products made with metal wire, reinforcement (backpack) cloth backpack.In this case, you have the opportunity to survive a couple of months. Water will keep the books dry when the baby is exposed to rain.This can contribute to a layer of rubberized fabric.Very often, the most suitable material for sewing backpacks is polyester.It is durable, wear resistant and resistant the water.