The First Steps

A great event would rise at
August,16-th1920,when football club "Futboll Klub Tirana"(KF Tirana) was founded.
However,it was not named "KF Tirana" from the very beginning but "Shoqeria Agimi", in dedication of the venue where KF Tirana different patriots and benevolents used to gather and take important decisions for the club.Main governing body was then created at 1925. "Shoqeria Agimi" was appointed "KF Tirana" two years later.Initially,KF Tirana played only few national and international unofficial matches.

Championships before Second World War

The first National Albanian Championship
was played at 1930.Only 6 teams participated and KF Tirana were crowned Champions of Albania for the first time.White and blues proved to be a very strong team at that time with a group of quality players,few of which wellknown in Europe.
"KS Vllaznia" of Shkoder and "KS Skenderbeu" of Korce were the only decent rivals to emulate KF Tirana at the time,however unable to stop white and blue successes for another 6 years to come,where KF Tirana won 5 more titles and lost only one intermediate (won from "Skenderbeu" Korce)
From 1930-1938 KF Tirana was an absolute dominant team in Albania.

Championships of War (1939-1942)

Still unrecognized from AFA and UEFA.Despite of facts that there is a large amount of evidence published from journalists Dr.Besnik Dizdari,Dr.Giovanni Nappi and Dr.Giovanni Armillotta ,as well as live proof from players and veterans that lived and played that time,which confirms that
3 championships have been played along years 1939-1942.
KF Tirana won two of them(1939,1942) and KS Vllaznia one (1940) Its worth mentioning that the 1942 championship had a massive participation,inclusive of 3 teams from Kosovo.

Championships and Cups after the Second World War (' 40-60 years)

Immediately after the War,
KF Tirana original name would be transformed as "Puna e Tiranes" and later as "17 Nentori" in interest of the albanian authorities at that time (17 Nentori was appointed after the day of Tirana Liberation)
Also,the big change for KF Tirana and other albanian football clubs would be the official creation of the so-called "clubs of Ministries", FK Partizani and KS Dinamo which reflected a resemblance of many Eastern European clubs at that time.These "clubs of Ministries" collected the most talented players, from KF Tirana and other famous albanian teams.
This affected negatively the quality of albanian football and gave unfair priorities to "clubs of Ministries" along many years to come.
Therefore,this also reflected to 8-time champions KF Tirana,losing several top players.Thus starting a sudden downfall and unable to resume to elite,or win trophies for almost two decades!
But,it was the soul and sacrifice of KF Tirana's players and veterans of a football club which has never ever ran short of talents,that managed to re-create an useful group of fine players.This took time indeed,but proved a success ,as KF Tirana later re-consolidated and regained authority by winning 4 Championships out of 5 between 1964-1970,right in the peak of their dominance,defying the so-called "clubs of Ministries" of the capital-city.Even despites unfairly denied the merited title of season 1966-67,given to KS Dinamo only because that's what Ministry of Affairs decided!

' 70-80 years

Since 1970 and further,events improved in Albanian football.Following KF Tirana example, other clubs,as KS Vllaznia etc dared to win Championships and Cups,and the "clubs of Ministrie's" superiority started to fall,thus equaling all teams slowly and creating stronger and more competitive championships.
Additionally,another success was remarked during years 1982-1989 from KF Tirana,now a true legend,to teach all rivals another good lesson,winning 4 Championships,2 runners-up and 3 Cups within few years!
Like the period 1964-1970,they showed everyone once again that the success and fame can't be earned artificially,but only from your own skills,hard work and talent.
Also,this period would indicate an unforgetting performance in Europe !With quality players of this golden generation,as Minga,Kola,Muca,Josa,Lekbello,etc KF Tirana managed several successes out of albanian borders and got the deserved attention in Europe.

KF Tirana from 1990 till present and players who contributed for National Team.

Year 1990 brought completely a new era for Albania,entering the Democratic Process of big changes.This fact certainly influenced football too,as many clubs started to look the foot game as business,appointing club presidents,buying,swapping players,thus approaching the professional football levels of West Europe.
KF Tirana received its original name from "17 Nentori" and the club had a huge merit to organize from scratch a very strong,long lasting group of players,supported from a strong presidency and financial structure,contrary of the confusion that covered other rivals due to these changes.
KF Tirana became the first ever most organized club after 1990 changes.
As result,from 1993 until present, KF Tirana has fully dominated Albanian football,winning the most of major trophies.However,from our point of view,this period was not that successful at European appearances,as period '82-89 was.

October 12-th,2011,the Municipality Council voted with unanimous consent the transformation of KF Tirana status to a Shareholders Association.Municipality of Tirana will initially hold 100% of shares,initially valued at 5 billion Leks (approx.40 million Euros) however future private sponsors or donors approaches to share stock will be welcome.Previous donor's contributions will also be included in the future shares.Municipality of Tirana as legal owners will additionally invest in rebuilding "Selman Stermasi" Stadium,opening several more training pitches and focusing more attention in Tirana Youth teams.
The latter development is a very important step for the club and has been welcomed by thousands of fans in and out of Albanian borders.

KF Tirana is also remarkable at the number of players dedicated National Teams (U-19,U-21 and National A Team)in history.There are over 60 white and blue players of KF Tirana to have contributed and still contribute for these teams .
Some names to mention:

Traditional club logo,flag and uniforms.

KF Tirana Logo
is of oval shape,with vertical white and blue strips in the main background.In the top,detached,are 2 golden stars that represent the 24 championships trophies earned so far from KF Tirana.Should 30 such be won,another star would be added.
In the upper part within the oval and in a white background,is the name of the club
"K.F. Tirana"(Futboll Klub).Under that,in a yellow background,is the tower in centre of Tirana City,which KF Tirana represents,as the capital-city football club.Finally,in the bottom,in white colour,is the year club was born"1920".

KF Tirana
Traditional Flag is triangle with white and dark blue strips.Inside,in upper part,is the football club name,"F.K. Tirana",club general name,"S.K. Tirana",the year of club creation,symbols of trophy and a football.

KF Tirana actually has
2 Traditional Uniforms.
KF Tirana plays home,almost always with the traditional
White & Blue T-shirts(vertical strips),Blue Shorts and white or blue
Whilst,during away matches the team often uses
Light grey T-shirts,shorts and socks.
K.F. Tirana
Legjenda Bardhë e Blu
Kjo faqe në Shqip
Club Logo history

Along changes through time and circumstances in whole history
,club logo has changed in several occasions,since 1920 till present.
As seen in pictures above,initially logo has had a rectangle shape with a rhombus and initials 17N within.
Later on,logo shape became oval(similar at the present one) and KS 17 NENTORI,1920 was enclosed within.Which later changed to SK TIRANA,1920 and finalized with the latest one.
Its worth mentioning as well that all previous logos have had different colours from traditional white and blue.