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The Story Behind the Iconic Logo, Lacoste Crocodile From Things the World Doesn’t Know

Maybe you have ever seen kids with clothes labeled with a small crocodile on them, and it meant something for you if you care at all about fashion. The crocodile label is the Lacoste logo and it has been around for so long, and until now it still mean so much on the fashion world. There is a history behind everything and so is the Lacoste logo and you can read more about how it came to be from this article. The following is the story of development for the Lacoste crocodile logo and things the rest of the world doesn’t know.

The founder of the crocodile logo was a tennis player and he got inspirations of the logo from the nickname he was given. The nickname the journalist gave him stuck from there and people started calling the founder Lacoste alligator, and later he used it to form the logo.

With the nickname he was given, Lacoste drew inspiration to design the first logo he used on his own blazers he wore to the game in 1927. Lacoste’s friend designed the first crocodile logo ever used, and he used it on his own blazers that he wore to the tennis courts.

To change the kind of shirt his teammates wore to the game, Lacoste designed the first polo shirt and had the tennis players wear it. In 1933, Lacoste used the crocodile logo for the first time on polo shirts and promoted it to the world through an ad campaign.

The Lacoste fashion did not stop with the shirts but it expanded and to started selling other types of clothes including a kids clothing line with the crocodile label. In the 1970s, the Lacoste cloth line started marketing internationally through the ad promotion and it was really successful.

In 1980 the Lacoste label was more than just a clothing line, but it had expanded to sell other different items. There were Lacoste sunglasses by 1980s and people count not resist the label on them.

In recent years, the Lacoste label gave the new tennis generation something to remember their logo with, and labeled the tennis player Novak Djokovic the new crocodile.

These days the Lacoste products have decreased in the market but that is all in the effort of their new campaign they are planning. The Lacoste label wishes to replace the crocodile in their label with another endangered species in the world to help more people learn more about protecting them.

Lacoste in his time created a great fan family for his fashion, and they continue to increase in today’s world.